Aesthetic Trim

Adding a coat of paint can bring a bare wall to life, however installing crown molding adds a touch of elegance. It’s a tasteful way to add visual interest as well as value. Trim work has both decorative and functional uses, adding aesthetic appeal, it will cover the seam where the wall meets the ceiling, put an exclamation point to cabinets and built-ins. And for other homes it can be of functional use to hide the imperfection. Bare walls of the dining room can be transformed to masterpiece walls with chair rails, not only the bare walls will come to life with charm and personality but you can also protect the wall from scuffs and dents from the back of the chair.From simple crown molding to wainscoting, molding transforms the look to a high end upgrade. We will help you with custom design ideas and an extensive selection of molding profiles. So whether it is adding new colors or crown molding, wainscoting, picture, chair rails, just call Pacific Pro Painting.