Kitchen with white cabinetry and center island

Is there anything better than so see the visual transformation of tired cabinets that are restored to their original condition or giving them a complete makeover? Pacific Pro Painting is expert at staining and refinishing cabinets.

In addition to making old cabinets to look new, we also finish new cabinets. Whether you want painted or stained cabinets, our skilled preparation and finish application produce professional results.

We can match or make any stain color for you. Once your cabinets are stained, we seal them to lock in the color. We then apply multiple top coats of either a urethane, varnish or clear lacquer finish which provides a beautiful factory finished look.

Varnish and Lacquer finishes range in glosses from flat to satin, semi-gloss and high gloss. Varnish has little or no color, is transparent, and has no added pigment, as opposed to paints or wood stains, which contain pigment and are either solid, opaque or translucent.

Regarding exterior wood finishing, depending on the look and type of wood you have, there are many finishes to choose from. Marine spar varnish is very popular for exterior doors and windows. It was originally designed for use on ships to protect timber from the effects of sea and weather. Spar varnishes’ elasticity is helpful for weatherproofing also.

Spar varnishes are very attractive and can give a glass like finish to your home’s exterior wood siding or trim. Exterior spar varnish must be maintained with at least one additional top coat every 6-12 months.

Things to consider when choosing an exterior finish product include: Function, life cycle/maintenance, application, cost and appearance.